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  2. Where the tech bench gets to gather at
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  4. This is where you can share your favorite songs and what makes them your favorite and just enjoy your self with other music lovers
  5. This is where the hodt will talk and hang out and of course its only private and invite only cause if you don't know what hodt stands for then you arent apart of this selected group of hand picked individuals thanks
  6. Come tell us some of your favorite games and why they are the favorites see if anyone else can gain a new game or make a gaming friend on the game you both have type deal
  7. We hope you come and check the group help and show support on this topic share stories help each other coop and share support among each other
  8. Whats my CaNFaM's up to anything fun happening let us know in here we get a chat going
  9. Hey hows everyone doing tonight stop by chit chat and lets all have fun and lounge around and make memories or even share some memories and what not 😃
  10. We are working at bringing this site even further to life with even more articles for our CaNnFaM to be able to read and look at to keep track and to be able enjoy some laughs from the memes we all will share and enjoy together and be able make new connections as a community that can be looked upon as a family
  11. The title is quoted from https://www.leafly.com/news/industry/hemp-testing-hot-must-be-destroyed this seemed like a interesting read about CBD bill for law for what the farmers who grow the CBD product and what they have to watch out for and hope they don't end up having to destroy there crop at the end of the growth for products so if your into learning different things i'd say this is worth a read then and leafy is a trusted website for knowledgeable articles and subjects
  12. The title is quoted from https://www.cannacook.com/2020/04/09/cannabis-infused-boozy-strawberry-lemonade/ i like lemonade so i would differently want to try this and probably say anyone should try it if not at least read about it if anything so enjoy from us to you
  13. The title is quoted from https://www.tastemade.com/videos/cannabis-infused-strawberry-mango-sangria this sounds really tasty and looks real amazing i would say it would be worth a shot to look into and try
  14. The new york city sour diesel it is one of my personal favorites and to learn more about it check this link out below https://www.allbud.com/marijuana-strains/hybrid/nyc-sour-diesel
  15. The title is quoted from https://www.thecannaschool.ca/how-to-make-weed-cookies/ they look real yummy i would say it is at least worth a try for your self as so should i 😃
  16. The title is quoted from https://www.leafly.com/news/lifestyle/best-pot-brownies-martha-stewarts-to-die-for-cannabis-brownie-rec and you can also find the recipe from the link it looks like they could be real good i would hope from martha stewart who is known to be friends with the famous snoop dogg him self the legend the stoner the man him self 😀 and she famous for alot of her cooking
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  18. Its a old school bud that i have personally got to try its also known to be a rare cause its hard to grow if you would like to learn more about this strain click the link text below Elephant
  19. So from what i have seen from the video this bee keeper trained his bees on the art of gathering the selected parts from what we call marijuana so they gather them from the cannabis plant also will include a link to the video that i am talking about so you can watch it for your self. A MUST SEE: A beekeeper trained his bees on how to make honey from marijuana.
  20. Hello my name is josh i am the owner of unitedunleashed and i was born december 23rd 1987 i enjoy spending time with my family and friends i also like to do tech work on the computer and do my website work as you see on here well for now thats all or i decide if i think of more later on i will add possibly thanks
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